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Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

aunt flow

You're a light rider.  Keep your flow in check with either Period Pants or a reusable pad. 

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Medium flows can be difficult to read. make sure you're fully prepped with different kinds of products to suit the flow. If the flow is too light for a cup go for a reusable pad or a pair of Period Pants. We don't want your Vajaja being uncomfortable.

crimson wave

Girl you got the raw end of the deal. Your period flow is heavy and this results in spending lots on products each month. We recommend the Medium / Large Hello cup with the back up of Period Pants.

Take it easy and block out a couple of days in the diary to work from home.


Using reusable pads to catch your flow could be a great option. Your flow is light heaviest day is usually the third day in your cycle. You would usually lose from 5ml - 25ml of Blood per cycle.

Your second day is usually your heaviest, use a mix of reusable Pads and possibly a Reusable CUP. You would usually lose from 5ml -50ml per cycle.

Your second, third and possibly fourth day are heavy, You may need to use both reusable CUP and reusable Pad to help manage your flow. Depending on how heavy your flow is it can vary from 5ml - 80ml of blood per cycle.

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